About 30 minutes southeast of Ellijay and at the bottom of the Chattahooche National Forest in Dawsonville, GA lies Amicalola Falls State Park. Here you'll find the tallest waterfall in Georgia, as Amicalola Falls stands at nearly 730 ft tall. The trail we took (info included below) was only about 2.1 miles and probably took a little less than an hour -- not including time spent taking photos of the view.

This spot is great for beautiful views of not only the falls, but also the mountains in the distance you can see from the top. This spot also serves as a way to Springer Mountain (just an 8-mile hike away!) which is the southern entry point for the Appalachian Trail. You can read more about it here

Follow this sign for the scenic view of the waterfall on the way up!

You can take this trail with views of the valley on the way down.

The park ranger advised us to take the "base-of-the-falls-trail" up (red dotted line) which gives you the better view of the falls on the way up. You'll notice in the photos below that this trail is basically stairs up to the top. Once you reach the falls overlook area, you can take the "Appalachian Approach Trail" (dark blue/gray dotted line) back to the park entrance / main office.  

Trail map courtesy of www.n-georgia.com

The trail on the way down is very different from the stairs + wooden paths on the way up!

At the bottom! Ranger station just ahead.


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