A quest to find the best vegan fast food and plant-based burger in NYC

Tucked in the corner of E 27th St and Lexington Ave is Marty’s V Burger, a 100% plant-based restaurant catering to all your vegan fast food needs. Established in 2014 at the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, Marty’s V Burger has a diverse menu of comfort foods. From mac and cheese to drumsticks and burgers, they’ve got you covered. 

While the curb appeal of the restaurant isn’t strong, the inside is clean and quaint. 

They have a large menu above the register, but some of their best items are showcased on printer paper and taped to the counter. 

It took us a while to realize these options were available, so it wasn’t it until our third visit that we tried the Cajun Cheesy Pepper Steak sandwich and the vegan shakes. While these items can be easily overlooked, they are still some of our favorite choices to date.

On this occasion, we ordered 2 of their Buffalo Blue Cheezedrumstix” ($7.49), the Cajun Cheesy Pepper Steak ($9.75), the Shroom Steakhouse Burger ($8.49), and a soda ($2.00).

The Shroom Steakhouse Burger generally looks like the traditional fast food burger. No gimmicks, just a sesame seed bun on soft white bread and no outlandish instagram-worthy toppings. They top it with melted mozzarella, house-made steakhouse sauce, and sautéed mushrooms — the combination is simple, but absolutely delicious. 

However, if you’re looking for something extra, they do have add-ons to change things up a bit. Like some popular fast food chains, they have an option to add another patty (Double Shroom burger, $12.99) or to top your burger off with some fresh coleslaw (Slaw Topper Burger $9.99). 

It should also be noted that the patty that comes on all their burgers is made in-house; a combination of seitan, black beans, and brown rice. If you prefer the Impossible Burger or the Beyond Meat Burger they offer substitutions for all their burgers for an additional $5.50. 

The Cajun Cheesy Pepper Steak sandwich is properly seasoned and comes with melted mozzarella and grilled veggies. The only downside is the bread is pretty average , and might be better with some toasting or grilling.

However, the Buffalo Blue Cheese drumstix were amazing, and hands down the best sauce option we’ve tried there. Their other drumstick flavor choices include BBQ and Thai Chili Jam.

The last thing worth mentioning is their sodas and drink options. On their mission to elevate traditional fast food, they’ve also done a great job with the drink choices. 

The yellow drink pictured is one of their gourmet sodas. While you can still order a regular can of Pepsi, they also have unique soda flavors from orange hibiscus to lemon acaí berry straight from the fountain. For healthier drink options they also offer organic juices and boxed water. 

Overall, we think Marty’s V Burger is a great plant-based alternative to traditional fast food. Pops of flavor in their sauces alongside an exceptional homemade burger patty makes Marty’s V Burger a regular stop while we’re in the city.

What’s the best plant-based fast food you’ve had in NYC? Let us know your favorite spots and in the comments below!

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