Our last couple days in Washington were a mix of checking out the wedding venue for the wedding on Sunday to get an idea of good spots for photos, getting gear ready, and preparing for the chance of rain the day of by purchasing an clear umbrella. In addition to attending the wedding rehearsal on Saturday we moved Airbnb's from our artsy location in Queen Anne to a chic, minimal mother-in-law (private) suite in Mukilteo. We mainly made the switch because we would only have about a ten minute drive to the wedding venue for the day of and it was still only about a 40 minute drive from Seattle for our last free day in town (not to mention the new place was about $100 cheaper than the one we were at in Queen Anne). 

| Saturday, February 13th | Seattle → Mukilteo

| Sunday, February 14th | Photographed Jesse & Miranda's romantic waterfront wedding in Mukilteo. That photo series is posted on my wedding website and you can view it here if you'd like.

| Monday, February 15th | Our last day in the city

Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream

I recommend the Scout Mint (dairy free!)

John convinced me to climb up this hill even though it was freezing cold and raining. "It'll be worth it" he said. We tried to take a cute picture together and this is what happened instead.

Archie McPhee (Toys / Oddities)

So there's a bar in Seattle called Unicorn and it has an Arcade located in its basement called Narwhal... You have to pay per game like a true old school arcade (no cover when we went) so it can quickly get pricey depending on how many drinks you buy + the amount of games you play (.75-1.00 per play). But its still definitely worth a visit. 



| Tuesday, February 16th | Flight Home: WA → FL


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