Check out the first part of the journey, the ferry ride from Flåm to Gudvangen, here.

After docking in Gudvangen and taking some photos, we quickly realized our bus was about to leave without us. The bus stop itself was not well marked (I actually do not remember any sort of marking at all) and with all the other tourists waiting to board the boat back to Flåm, we had no clue where the bus was or when we were supposed to leave. It turns out, if we had missed that bus, the next one wouldn't show up until about 4 hours later.

Upon finding out the prompt departure, we hurried onto the bus with all our belongings and made our way to Voss to catch our train.

This part of the trip included hair pin turns down a long road with an amazing view. Think Lombard Street in San Francisco -- but much steeper and longer.


The city of Voss looked really cool and quaint as we passed through it on the bus on our way to the train station. I would have loved to spend a couple hours looking around, but the train was set to arrive in about only 30 minutes. Instead, we settled on some shopping in the station's gift shop for snacks and souvenirs. 


We settled into our Airbnb, which you can check out here. The place we were staying was in walking distance of the main wharf area and after settling in, we took a brief look around the town. 


These two shops that were located next to each other, "røst" and "ting" caught my eye. Ting had a variety of things all the way from stationary by an awesome brand called normann, to furniture and home decor.

I ended up with an all white passport holder and some pens from ting.


Røst was a great store to check out, although their items are much more on the pricey side. I ended up only getting a cute mug at a reasonable price as a gift for a family member.

A view of the wharf from Zachariasbryggen Restauranter AS. We stopped in here for a peek at the view from upstairs.


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See you on the next adventure. Thank you so much for reading xx

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