John and I flew in to Seattle (SeaTac Airport) on Monday evening at about 5pm. We picked up our rental car and drove a little over 2 hours north to our Airbnb in Port Angeles as the sun began to set. Our drive in was interesting; long sections of the road took turns between being foggy and rainy, and as night began to fall it became increasingly evident that the majority of the roads were not lined with streetlights. 

This was my first time using Airbnb, and stayed at 3 different places using the site throughout this trip and am so grateful for the incredible experiences we had at each one. I have to admit, I probably go overboard looking into all the options (and it didn't help that we didn't have a specific first destination location in mind). All we knew was that we wanted to stay somewhere surrounded by beautiful scenery, and near Olympic National Park. 

After looking through numerous beautiful cabins, I ended up falling in love with this gem in Port Angeles. 

This was the view from the porch... Even though it was chilly during our stay, braving the cold to enjoy this view was so worth it (especially paired with hot coffee in the morning).

Check out this Airbnb here!

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In the end it was the scenic view that solidified my decision to book this place, but the alternative listings I picked out were tough competition!

If this place happens to be booked when you'll be in WA here are the other options I considered:

1. Tye Haus A-Frame Cabin (closest contender)

2. Cinnamon Bear Cabin

3. Port Angeles Cabin

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