Instagram-Worthy Plant-Based Dessert Shop in NYC: Sweets by CHLOE.

Neighboring the flagship by CHLOE. restaurant in New York City’s West Village, Sweets By CHLOE. showcases a variety of beautifully crafted plant-based treats begging to be photographed against a charming backdrop of neon signs, exposed brick, and muted pink.

You won’t find any of the incredibly popular and health-conscious dishes that have driven by CHLOE. to international success, but the offerings at Sweets By CHLOE. are held to the same high standards and it shows.

Walking through the door, we were immediately drawn to the large glass cases full of freshly made vegan desserts. Delicious looking cupcakes, donuts, and cookies were nestled in with more unique treats. A flattened crispy cinnamon espresso cookie topped with chocolate chips, a vegan take on the classic Hostess cream-filled cupcakes called the “Chlostess Cupcake” and a selection of personal-sized mini pies all stood out among the classics. 

However, Sweets by CHLOE. does not just stop at baked goods. The overhead menus feature homemade ice cream, push pops, specialty drinks, and the obligatory coffee, tea and espresso selection. The diverse menu solidifies it as far more than just an offshoot of the main restaurant and worthy of repeated visits.

We made our way to Sweets by CHLOE. in hopes of trying the ice cream but quickly found out they were completely out of their “Chill” menu options.

Luckily, it’s difficult to stay disappointed with a slew of alluring vegan deserts surrounding you.

We ordered a Red Velvet Mini Cake ($8.95) and a Chocolate Donut ($4.50).

Both of these desserts were perfectly baked. Dense, soft, and lacking the dryness that can ruin any dessert, plant-based or otherwise.

The Red Velvet Mini Cake was covered in a generous amount of whipped icing and encased in sprinkles matching the aesthetic of the shop perfectly.

The Chocolate Donut seemed to be more of a cake-like texture with frosting and sprinkles on top as opposed to a traditional fried donut dipped in a glaze.

Overall, the items we ordered were among the best vegan desserts that we’ve had the pleasure of trying. My only personal criticism is that they were on the verge of being too sweet and could have benefitted from more depth in the chocolate flavor, especially in the case of the Red Velvet Mini Cake.

Sweets by CHLOE. is a fantastic plant-based dessert shop to visit in New York City with your vegan and non-vegan friends alike. The creatively diverse menu along with a clean and photogenic atmosphere will keep us coming back anytime we find ourselves in the area. Hopefully next time the ice cream and push pops will be available, but if not, I have my eye on one of the Coconut Banana Mint Mini Pies.

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