On the way to Fort Mountain State Park we stopped at a scenic view called:



This park has one of the best scenic lookouts I have ever seen along with great trails varying in length. There's even a giant trail called the "Gahuti" that loops throughout the whole park totaling 8.2 miles. The day we were there, the weather wasn't really that great, so we opted for a smaller trail: the CCC Fire Tower Combination, which includes the West Overlook and CCC Fire Tower Trails. (If you're unfamiliar with the CCC and would like to learn more about them, I included some links to info about them on this post here.)

The views here may have even been better than the scenic lookout we went to in Bergen, Norway.

It started raining while we were on the lookout, so we decided to head back to the trail.

The *mysterious* Stone Wall at Fort Mountain.

This stone wall is allegedly the largest prehistoric wall that exists today (about 930 ft in length). The structure was studied by a Harvard grad student in the 1950s and they concluded "that this wall and others throughout the region were not fortifications, but more likely prehistoric symbolic structures." Not much is known about it, but here it lies, the mysterious wall of rocks. 


This trail is located right next to cascading waterfalls more towards the entrance of the park and is only a 0.75 mile loop. 


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