On a mission to offer a plant-based alternative to sushi, Beyond Sushi currently claims six different locations throughout NYC. The Union Square location is on a moderately quiet street surrounded by a grab-bag of different shops.

This location is relatively small but the modern decor with pops of color and sushi art makes it feel like they’ve deliberately used every inch of the space. 

The service is a mix between ordering at the front to take your order to go and being served at your table. I’m not sure if this is true for all of their locations, as the only other one I’ve been to is the Chelsea Market location which is much smaller in comparison, with no real seating.

If you feel like the restaurant name “Beyond Sushi” sounds familiar, you may have seen it featured on an episode of Shark Tank. Originally airing on October 21, 2018 (S10 Ep3) the owner, Guy Vaknin, scored a deal with shark Lori Greiner and guest shark Matt Higgins for a whopping $1.5 million investment.

From their website, Beyond Sushi describes their restaurant as elevating “the meaning of eating vegan by offering a fast-casual menu with high-end appeal.”

At each of my trips here I can say they have achieved that goal — and so much more. They have a range of delicious options that are not only plant-based and well-plated but are also packed with flavor combinations that have you craving their food for days. 

The sushi rolls are small and moderately priced, but taste-wise they are so worth it. On this trip, we got the Mighty Mushroom roll ($7.95) and the dumplings (include specific name here) ($7.95). The Mighty Mushroom roll is the dish I have to get every time I’m here.

Rolled with four-grain rice, the sushi is stuffed with enoki mushrooms, baked tofu, and braised shiitake.

Topped with micro arugula and a shiitake truffle sauce, the total combination makes it one of the best sushi rolls that I have ever had.

The dumplings here are exceptional. They are cooked to perfection, and the topping combination of the sauce and fried crumbles will make you crave this dish every time you’re in the city.

With locations strategically scattered south of Central Park, you’re sure to find a convenient location while you’re in the city. We recommend stopping in for lunch or even just to share one of their small plate options to get a taste of what Beyond Sushi has to offer. 

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