We drove through the town the evening before after the hike and decided that we wanted to check out some of the shops the following day. 

Port Angeles is a quaint town scattered with various types of shops from cool clothing stores and coffee shops to the occasional pawn shop and antique store.

Bada NW Coffee Bar

MOSS (clothing boutique)

Willie Lous: Antique / Thrift Shop

Around Town

Elwha Valley 48°5'10" N 123°33'36" W

We headed out to Sol Duc Falls and pulled off the side of the road to check out this incredible view. Maybe its just because I'm used to Florida's landscapes, but I don't think I could ever get used to views like this.

Lake Cresent

We made a pit stop at the Storm King Ranger Station on the way over.

Sol Duc Falls

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Sol Duc we quickly realized it was closed. Not sure if it was just due to the season -- actually -- I'm not sure since someone working the visitors center had told us it was open. Alas, here are the only two film shots I took in that area. The Sol Duc entrance is about 10 miles in on this long, winding road so we ended up driving through the area trying to see if we could spot a bear (haha), but that was about it.

Breakfast the next morning at New Day Eatery (Vegan Options!)


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