Places to visit in North GA: Historic Ellijay

A little less than two hours North of Atlanta is a small historic town called Ellijay. In 2016, it was estimated that the population of Ellijay consisted of merely 1,694 people. The historic area mostly consists of antique stores, but there also are a few clothing stores and gift shops. We ate at the Back Porch Bistro, and in retrospect, we probably should have also tried something from the Ellijay Coffeehouse (both pictured below). 

Ellijay is located in the center of Gilmer County, which is known as the Apple Capital of Georgia. Its origins date back to 1832, when it diverged from Cherokee County. Previously, this area used to hold a Cherokee Village named Elatseyi ("Ellijay" is the anglicized version of this word). You can read more about Ellijay here.

We definitely visited during their slow season, but this little town was still fun to explore nonetheless. I would love to come back for fall during the Georgia Apple Festival.


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