The "Norway in a Nutshell" tour is customizable based on your trip. When booking a tour, they give you the option to start from any of the four cities: Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flåm. After planning your route, you will have the chance to take a tour of Norway by bus, train and ferry (not necessarily in that order). 

Our main journey included: Oslo --> Flåm --> Bergen with some smaller various stops along the way. This tour was a big part of our trip; it had the best sights and I took some of my favorite photos while on parts of this tour. In particular, the views from the Fjord Cruise was absolutely breathtaking (see the Day 5 post). 

We left Oslo early in the morning to begin our ~4 hour trek to Flåm. 


A brief stop in Myrdal


The Flamsbana is Norway's most scenic railway. Before the trip, I had heard that one side of the train is more scenic than the other, however, I was equally in awe at the views on either side. 

The Flamsbana makes a stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall which is great for photos. The experience was awesome and odd -- I started taking photos and seemingly out of nowhere a woman in a red dress (middle right of gif) appears and proceeds to do a performance while a loud whimsical song plays. I'm not sure how else to describe this; it was surprising and... interesting.


Our train arrived at our stop in Flåm at about 3:35 pm. We were the only ones to exit the train at our stop since it was right next to the bed & breakfast we were staying for the night.

We were immediately greeted by sheep (my sheeple) and surrounded by the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. If I ever go back to Norway I am definitely going to dedicate a good amount of my trip to staying in Flåm.

This Fjord Safari was so much fun. The company has a small patio-like space next to the waters edge where their speed boats are docked. When you are arrive you are suited up in a ton of gear; a full body wetsuit, goggles, massive gloves and a life vest. The process takes about 15 minutes and when you're done you get to look like a crazy person. But it was worth it as the gear kept us relatively dry and warm.


After the boats are docked at the small village of Undredal, passengers are led inside a restaurant and given a brief presentation. A tour guide gives a brief history of the village and their specialty production of goat cheese. The tasting is designated as a "goat cheese tasting" but there are also fresh fruit juices and jams available.

We were told this small village (below) helped inspire Disney's Frozen as did the whole Sognefjord (Norway's largest fjord + the one we were on)



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