Flåm, Norway | Day 5


Our time in Flåm was short so I woke up early that morning to explore the property and get the most out of our stay. Flåm is like a dream. The scenery is unreal; it reminds me of art from a storybook that has come to life. The night before, we fell asleep with the windows slightly propped open to let in the sound of waterfalls nearby. 

I set out into the quiet, crisp morning air layered in jackets. I was determined to meet a sheep.

The bed and breakfast has two "apartment" options available. The one we stayed in (located through the red door) had two separate rooms, a spacious living room and a full kitchen. 

A page from the guestbook.

(If you're staying at this location you have to let the train conductor know or else they will not stop at the station -- known as Håreina -- located below.)

We left that morning to board a ferry to begin our journey to Bergen. Needless to say, I would absolutely recommend this place. This was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me.


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See you on the next adventure. Thank you so much for reading xx

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