Otters Springs is located about an hour west of Gainesville, right next to where the Suwannee River runs. This place was great, but I definitely think it is geared more towards families and large groups that do not mind little to no privacy at the actual campsite (if you want a really woodsy, more secluded, camping experience I'm not sure if this place would be for you). There may have been areas that do offer more privacy and are more surrounded by trees, but the areas that I saw and experienced didn't really have these qualities. That being said, the main swimming area for the spring was small but nice, and the pool they have was huge and seemed to be really popular with the kids. My favorite part about this place might have been the open areas that we were able to walk to at night that were perfect for stargazing. 

We originally got a 3-person or 2-person tent from Academy -- I can't remember which, but one of the sticks was broken (can be seen on the right side) so we traded it in and upgraded to a larger tent instead that claims to fit 4-5 people. If you're looking for a good but cheap tent I would definitely recommend this one. It's held up great from all our camping trips and was only like $35.

The Springs

A nearby, more secluded part of the spring that is a brief hike away. 

Songs around the campfire


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